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Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt windows 10,8. Windows Update: Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt how to fix it. how to solve the service registration is missing or corrupt issue. Windows 10 update failed, and i got an error that said "Service registration is missing or corrupt" here is how I fixed. These error code (0x8024402c) signifies that there are some damaged/corrupt System Files which is preventing the installation of the Update. Method 1 a. Press Windows key + R, type "services.msc" (without quotes) in start run box and press Enter. b. Locate Windows Update service. c. Right click on the Windows Update service and select Properties. d. In Start-up type, select Enable. e. Click Start under Service status. f. Click OK. g. Repeat the steps c to f for the following services also: Background Intelligent Transfer Service & Cryptographic Service. If these steps do not help to resolve the issue, then you may proceed with the step mentioned below and check. Method 2 Step by step instructions to get the issue fixed. a) Press Windows key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin). b) On the open Command Prompt window copy and paste the commands (all at once) net stop wuauserv net stop cryptSvc net stop bits net stop msiserver ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old net start wuauserv net start cryptSvc net start bits net start msiserver c) Wait for the process to complete. d) Close the Command Prompt. Now, try to install Windows Updates again and check if it helps. .Thanks for watching Howtosolveit Channel.


Hassan Murtaza
I Love You M8 You Saved My Life!!!!! I Was Going To Suicide Because Of This Problem You Saved Me Yaaa! Thx (LOL)
вчера, 20:55 Комменитровать
Susan Baker
Worked for me many thanks
22 января, 18:25 Комменитровать
J-Man Edd
worked like a charm, thanks so much
13 января, 09:24 Комменитровать
Steven Kinlin
Hi I have an issue if anyone can help me I'm running windows 10 (1607) Home edition.I can download updates even though I have Background Intelligence Transfer Service disabled. And Cryptographic Service disabled. The problem is when I go and download a big update from windows update like Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709. the download runs but it does not install because after a few minutes the windows installer service turns off or disables itself in the windows services. and it has to be on the entire time in order for the update to install. Does anyone know how to keep windows installer turned on?? Other updates install fine because they are notr as large and Windows installer stays on for that period of time.
13 января, 02:23 Комменитровать
You got a hair on your screen
Thanks bro
11 января, 15:38 Комменитровать
Troy Van der
I can't seem to install KB4048955, have tried about 10 different ways
17 декабря 2017, 19:18 Комменитровать
Dark Knight
U r my day builder bro thanks
18 ноября 2017, 19:36 Комменитровать
it didn't help me
13 ноября 2017, 19:47 Комменитровать
Will try your solution this weekend when I have time. Regardless, thanks for offering detailed advice on this very annoying windows problem.
8 ноября 2017, 13:03 Комменитровать
thank you so much, windows update did not work for one year but now it does!!!
21 октября 2017, 00:14 Комменитровать
Sean Collier
Not working for me
7 октября 2017, 21:58 Комменитровать
Nah, did not work for me. Still says missing or corrupt. As a result my Windows 10 build is still on 1511. Grr!
7 октября 2017, 13:51 Комменитровать
Justin Frost
didn't work for me
24 сентября 2017, 10:42 Комменитровать
Wyatt Shaw
This worked for me. Windows 10, 64 bit, HP EliteDesk (desktop)
14 сентября 2017, 17:38 Комменитровать
Edmond Sarigumba
14 сентября 2017, 02:26 Комменитровать
Sarhan Basir
it worked, thanks a lot
3 сентября 2017, 21:32 Комменитровать
champika piyarathna
Thank you very much.. it solved my headache......
26 августа 2017, 18:01 Комменитровать
Michael Carter
that music haha... couldn't finish watching
23 августа 2017, 00:18 Комменитровать
Sheila Hughes
Thank you thank you thank least I have an updated version of back to trying to install drivers for my printer which was the original problem to begin with lol. Thanks again
17 августа 2017, 20:57 Комменитровать
Lincoln Christian
Man, it worked for me, in Brazil. You have my heart of gratitude xD
28 июля 2017, 15:40 Комменитровать
Thanks! :)
28 июля 2017, 15:35 Комменитровать
Didn't work :(
24 июля 2017, 05:08 Комменитровать
Fernando Yii
it only work on my pc after i downloaded the latest windows 10 with the windows 10 assist services
24 июля 2017, 02:08 Комменитровать
Murry J W
This worked great, Thanks a heap!! It doesn't show in the video, but make sure you run services as admin or it won't actually apply. At least that's how it was for me.
17 июля 2017, 18:59 Комменитровать
Jason Cox
This one worked for me. Please add a voice over next time. Not sure how to donate, but I would have gladly paid for this as it was the only solution that worked for me. Good work team.
16 июля 2017, 21:40 Комменитровать
Deborah Heath
My settings keep reverting - some to manual, some to auto delayed start, some to auto trigger start. Do you happen to know that that indicates? Do you think the items shown on the dependencies tab are involved in the reverted settings? Thanks for your efforts!
29 апреля 2017, 02:26 Комменитровать
Sandra Neuhuber
Thank you worked for me !!
23 апреля 2017, 14:10 Комменитровать
Markus Ajo
didn't solve it for me
31 марта 2017, 11:04 Комменитровать
Hype Cole
didn't work for me
22 марта 2017, 17:24 Комменитровать
Abrar Niam
Thnx it worked for me as well after applying all of these steps and especially the command pasted to the cmd prompt (as admin) cryptographic service is just after data sharing service and before credential manager. (available in windows 10 v 1607) it fixed all issues 100%
21 марта 2017, 21:50 Комменитровать
Diane Nelson
Worked, but three days later had to go back and do it again
8 марта 2017, 14:57 Комменитровать
my problem is that i cant find windows update in services list
28 февраля 2017, 01:11 Комменитровать
you're a genius, an outworlder,thanks
22 февраля 2017, 06:22 Комменитровать
windows 8.1?
12 февраля 2017, 06:54 Комменитровать
Shaun Morris
Thank You worked for me.
31 января 2017, 23:56 Комменитровать
Cryptographic Service in german language? i fid nothin in google
6 января 2017, 23:55 Комменитровать
Deez Nuts
24 декабря 2016, 16:21 Комменитровать
Jay Cook
Wouldn't it be much easier to simply say "set these three services to automatic and restart them"? Three minutes of my life gone...
22 декабря 2016, 00:35 Комменитровать
Denise Flynn
OMG, It looks like I'm getting a lot of updates! Perhaps I can get my Fitbit Driver updated now! Thank You!!!
12 декабря 2016, 08:44 Комменитровать
Samih Alhmoud
The last step of the procedure did not work for me, service status did not start. kept on stopping, what to do?
17 ноября 2016, 13:43 Комменитровать
Mixart Johnson
Very awesome and catchy song.
12 октября 2016, 05:13 Комменитровать
Luis Felipe M.S
Thank you very much !!!!!
12 октября 2016, 04:13 Комменитровать
Parimal Swamy Goona
Thank you very much. That worked !!!
10 октября 2016, 14:47 Комменитровать
William Reima
Thanks! Worked for me! My problem was that one update froze to 45% downloading for days. I ran Windows Update Diagnostic. It showed this error, but it couldn't fix it. I followed all steps but there wasn't cryptographic service in list. I skipped it and now Windows Update works well.
23 сентября 2016, 17:22 Комменитровать
Nope Not Worked But I Still Like Your Videos Cuz It May Help Another Program That I Dont Know
28 августа 2016, 04:09 Комменитровать
Producer MZ
NONE of these worked, and I couldn't install ANYTHING. This is the only thing that worked, so I felt I had to share. I hope it helps solve someone's frustration as it did mine! I had a hell of a time finding this:
18 августа 2016, 05:50 Комменитровать
thanks it worked for me :)
27 июля 2016, 10:29 Комменитровать
Ringo Lall
Sorry but i have tried everything i have found online and also tried those steps provided in this video and also the steps in the description and still nothing changes, i will add that for my pc even the calculator app does not work. i would be very grateful if you could help me with this.
28 июня 2016, 00:49 Комменитровать
Benjamin Hoffmeyer
i dont have the Cryptographic Services :/ help
16 мая 2016, 12:06 Комменитровать
I was having the issue with Windows 7, spent hours searching the internet for solutions but couldn't get it sorted, that is until I found your video - all updates now installed and everything is back to normal. Thanks so much for your help!
4 мая 2016, 02:28 Комменитровать
Nathan Carlson
I had the "Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt" problem on Windows 10 and none of the fixes I've found anywhere resolved the problem for me. However, I had Windows Firewall disabled and decided to enable it, for science, and it fixed the problem.
16 апреля 2016, 00:06 Комменитровать
karan patel
thanks a lot! now its working!
11 апреля 2016, 03:22 Комменитровать
Bhuvnesh Sharma
Thanks, My issue got resolved.
8 апреля 2016, 07:28 Комменитровать
Orazio Gaffeo
tanks for very very clear istructions. Good procedure!
4 апреля 2016, 18:01 Комменитровать
Dub Step
can you help because i am trying to download directx and it keeps saying this "A cabinet file is necessary for installation cannot be trusted. Please verrify the Cryptographic Service are enable and the cabinet file is certificate is valid." if anyone got anything for that pls help me. THANKS!!!
5 марта 2016, 05:03 Комменитровать
Fix Windows 10
If You can’t install apps. You may face some messages like ‘Windows was unable to install updates‘, ‘Something went wrong‘ etc or windows update error 0x8024402c or Windows Store Error 0x80010108.  These are some common symptoms of service registration is missing or corrupt.
3 февраля 2016, 15:22 Комменитровать
Top Android Games
thank, for fixing windows 10 update Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt problem
3 февраля 2016, 15:16 Комменитровать
Mayur N
still the same ; cant connect to any services xbox store etc. is there any other solutions to this , plz help.
1 февраля 2016, 20:23 Комменитровать

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