L298N Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board for Arduino & em 257 2

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Добавлено 1 августа 2012, 15:14
L298N Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board for Arduino, arduino mega 2560 and stepper MINEBEA EM-257. L298N controller board is from DealExtreme. Disclaimer: I won't take resposibility for any damages, it worked for me without smoke, but do it at your own risk For better wiring details, please check:


No, I haven't, I'm sorry. Have you checked if you have common ground in your control board and driver board? Wrong number of steps in program or incorrect wiring coil order (by try and error or otherwise if your board has documentation) could be the issue too. Good luck
13 октября 2013, 20:19 Комменитровать
hi I got the same motor and the same driver l298n but im using with another breakoutboard and dosent work its seems that the driver dont know the pulse in the input in1-in2-in3-in4, the motor make some noise and sometimes its move, im using with mach3, if I change the motor for a dc it works fine, did you test this drives without arduino?
13 октября 2013, 19:33 Комменитровать
harmonics, sorry :o
20 мая 2013, 21:54 Комменитровать
I'm not sure about this one Fadhlil, I would say it is ok if the three steppers are IDENTICAL and the sum of their nominal current is far below 2 Amps (1,5 maybe?-just ot be safer-). Otherwise you will reach or surpass the current ceiling of the driver and sooner or later you may waist it (burn it). Other aspects regarding electronic issues derived of three motors connected simultaneously (current peaks, armonics, etc.)...is beyond my knowledge. Sorry for my late response.
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fadhlil hafiz
Hello Cesar, im using 3 stepper motor with L298 simultaneously. is it ok for me to use 24V 15A power supply. it will harm the motor and the driver or not? thanks
7 мая 2013, 21:55 Комменитровать
Video was made with 7 volts. When bought, specs said "L298N chip, can directly drive two 3-30V DC motor" with 2 Amps current limit. Those should be the limits for a stepper motor as well: if it can handle 30V/2A PWM in order to drive DC motors, so should it do when exciting stepper motor coils. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Good luck!
17 января 2013, 01:33 Комменитровать
Janko Strusa
Can this L298 driver circuit run stepper on higher voltage than 5 volt?
17 января 2013, 00:28 Комменитровать
Hi Marcelo I've just added a link to another video with the same stepper and some more info. You can better check connections in that video. For me it was try and error, but if you number red wire as one (in my case it was in one side of the flat wire), and so on until four, first coil would be wires one and three and second coil would be two and four, if I'm not wrong. Give it a try and good luck.
22 октября 2012, 00:31 Комменитровать
Marcelo Ruiz
Niceee, I have a stepper em-257, but i dont know what wire is of the same coil, can you tell me? it has a red line on one of the wires. thanks and gratz
19 октября 2012, 06:28 Комменитровать

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