How Overwatch Animation Conveys Character in First Person - Extra Frames

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Добавлено 22 июня 2017, 19:59
First-person shooters need barebones animations that exist to serve the gameplay, but Overwatch has found a way to add personality flair to each of their characters even when all we see is a hand and a gun. Subscribe for more episodes like this one! (More below) Watch Matt Boehm’s GDC talk about Overwatch animation! Get your Extra Credits gear at the store! Play games with us on Extra Play! Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of our community posting guidelines so that we can have high-quality conversations: Contribute community subtitles to Extra Credits: Recommended Reading! Buy "The Animator's Survival Kit" Starter Book: Buy "The Illusion of Life" Animation Book: Talk to us on Twitter (@ExtraCreditz): Follow us on Facebook: Get our list of recommended games on Steam: Featuring music from the Overwatch and Destiny official soundtracks.


Extra Credits
Overwatch characters are more than just a pretty face: even the way they hold their guns conveys personality. Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of our community posting guidelines so that we can have high-quality conversations:
22 июня 2017, 08:26 Комменитровать
Weirdo Moita
This video is just beautiful! Thank you for that!
18 февраля, 12:14 Комменитровать
Josh Pitt
18 февраля, 09:24 Комменитровать
Aimal the great
I noticed tracer kinda recalls her guns to reload it.
18 февраля, 07:37 Комменитровать
Michael Haneline
I'm surprised Widow is neglected so much in this video.
18 февраля, 04:55 Комменитровать
Budget Seagull
This is the first video I've ever watched from this channel but I feel like I could watch this dude talk about animation for hours and not get bored
16 февраля, 02:32 Комменитровать
Leonidas 1754
Watching this was so fun, and I felt so positive coming out of this.
16 февраля, 00:59 Комменитровать
Yea, I never really liked FPS but Overwatch's characters pulled me in.
15 февраля, 14:08 Комменитровать
Takashi Nagazaki
what a lovely channel! i love when people get a look behind the scenes into the details and show a bit closer how mechanics work. you got my sub immediately <3
15 февраля, 02:17 Комменитровать
ivan lau
14 февраля, 07:39 Комменитровать
I've never thought of it that way I've never noticed these small beautiful details Animators r really cool
13 февраля, 01:48 Комменитровать
cheeky cheeto
What are you talking about with that tf2 stuff, it does it well too
11 февраля, 06:52 Комменитровать
Make a videw where you read a book/story. This video was super relaxing.
11 февраля, 06:03 Комменитровать
Just wish they toned back on camera animations. I hate it that just jumping sends my crosshair to the fucking moon. not really a "competitive" aspect in an FPS also reloading and charging shots
10 февраля, 22:17 Комменитровать
Taylor Gibson
I still wanna play 3rd person...
10 февраля, 07:58 Комменитровать
Steady could'nt read i changed it
12:38-12:39 If you pause just in time you will see McCree's face kinda... uhhh wild.... insane mind blowing things it has!
10 февраля, 00:41 Комменитровать
Flan Grande
I think Tracer's reloading animation also shows the time travel theme of her gameplay style, as the magazine seems to go "back in time" to the point where it was full again.
8 февраля, 16:04 Комменитровать
So I guess having overly smooth and incredibly distracting viewmodels is good for a competitive shooter? Or good at all? In my opinion, it looks terrible.
8 февраля, 03:56 Комменитровать
Kammak Richerson
I've never played Overwatch, but it is a damn fine beautiful game
7 февраля, 08:06 Комменитровать
Colton Animated
I can't unsee this
7 февраля, 06:40 Комменитровать
Mother Coconuts
11:20 This was the first thing I noticed when I first played overwatch.
7 февраля, 04:40 Комменитровать
I've never played Overwatch because my PC cant handle the graphics *Damn this game looks absolutely beautiful* I envy all of you who can play this game
7 февраля, 00:13 Комменитровать
she isnt a freerunner, she is a (insert word for someone who makes parkour here)
6 февраля, 11:34 Комменитровать
Can we just have more OW animation videos? I can watch this all day.
3 февраля, 20:59 Комменитровать
This is what I love the most about OW, character presentation!
1 февраля, 14:35 Комменитровать
John Havering
i think torb melts torb and then puts it in his weapon
31 января, 08:37 Комменитровать
jkl 381
I reinstalled overwatch because of you. CURSED!
31 января, 04:25 Комменитровать
Jiseop Shin
Torb puts in some molten metal into his gun so he can shoot bolts out of it
28 января, 23:10 Комменитровать
MaskHero Zo
Animation is a distraction because you only look at the tiny circles in the middle of the screen. No aim just spam for the win.
28 января, 18:42 Комменитровать
This guy is crazy I love it :)
28 января, 08:48 Комменитровать
Did anyone pause mccree's face right before he was about to roll?
28 января, 06:27 Комменитровать
Life Hacker
I never realized how in depth the creators must have gone into
27 января, 20:24 Комменитровать
Duo clan
what a great video great job
27 января, 19:38 Комменитровать
Kermit The Taco
Because Blizzard is the king of game and character design
25 января, 15:38 Комменитровать
Torb is melting metal using magnets to pull on it. I'd assume it's copper or iron but I have nothing to go on there. To do something similar, get some silly putty and pull on it for a bit; try to turn it into spaghetti. Don't worry, you won't burn your hands off
25 января, 06:55 Комменитровать
Wolf Lykaios
Damn, now I love this game even more.
25 января, 06:05 Комменитровать
WorldWar Bang
You right
25 января, 02:16 Комменитровать
Man this is one of my favorite videos about Overwatch. Great analysis, great visual demonstrations, great narration. Makes me want to immediately ignore all responsibilities and play for another 10 consecutive hrs.
24 января, 21:34 Комменитровать
Vanja Kapetanovic
Video games look better than Pixar shit nowadays. I didn't know that.
24 января, 06:53 Комменитровать
tatink tatink tatink...
21 января, 16:14 Комменитровать
David Lippincott
You should make a video on all of the intricacies Overwatch has like you said you could. Also, Torb's reload is molten iron from the crucible on his back being funneled into his gun.
20 января, 21:48 Комменитровать
Kardelen Koç
the characters and the lore make the game "alive" and that why i am so fascinated bacout this game. i love the overwatch world and thats what it keeps me playing
20 января, 20:30 Комменитровать
Oh god I just realized a week or so ago I waved to one of my friends and went up to them, but they waved back with a Sombra wave
20 января, 18:07 Комменитровать
the legendary egg
why does dvas mech wave hello when she doesnt have her hands on the controllers???? hmmmmmm
20 января, 16:53 Комменитровать
DixR 666
20 января, 03:32 Комменитровать
Alicia Inocencio
I relied that when you wall run and you are on speed boost your hand is green but when healing your hand is yellow
19 января, 21:02 Комменитровать
Network Gaming
im very late to the party but i never thought about/noticed these things till he pointed them out and they make so much sense
19 января, 16:23 Комменитровать
i like that widowmaker's reload animation is just so... methodical.
18 января, 23:52 Комменитровать
Jack Lee
i though this was gonna be the highlight intros in first person
18 января, 17:02 Комменитровать
david parrish
Bless this series
17 января, 18:41 Комменитровать
incredible video. wish there was a half an hour video of just this!
17 января, 09:55 Комменитровать
Zendono ,
i thought this vid will just show emotes from first person. somehow i watched all this through anyways.
16 января, 17:28 Комменитровать
Jack Cavar
Tracer gun isn't reloaded by her spinning it, it is done by rewinding the time and magazine. This would of probably be done by winston because although he doesn't rewind his magazine, the same technology is there.
16 января, 10:01 Комменитровать
"Sombra does *this* which is, just, so perfect." I couldn't agree more
16 января, 02:32 Комменитровать
Nick Bartels
you made me think different about overwatch lol
15 января, 23:03 Комменитровать
You say all this but then Cree's face stretches and shoulder dislocates while running the "rolling into action" highlight intro.
15 января, 06:49 Комменитровать
Hanzo Shimada
15 января, 02:32 Комменитровать
Mar. io
This is a great video
14 января, 01:05 Комменитровать
This was a fantastic video. I have never thought about most of these animations.
12 января, 14:27 Комменитровать
Nickolas Valadez
someone told me that overwatch is very low in detail and that WWII has better detail, i sent them this and they blocked me
12 января, 01:54 Комменитровать
12:35 at 0.25 speed
10 января, 22:10 Комменитровать
Holy Applebutter
While I'm still pretty cynical towards Overwatch, this has helped make me appreciate it just a bit more. A good video.
10 января, 05:50 Комменитровать
Giovoh. It
Im the only one that finds all these animations really satisfing
9 января, 17:44 Комменитровать
Don’t feel like reading all the comments, but add to that how the ammo count is expressed on certain character’s guns...the best example of which is that Sombra’s ammo count is posted in hexadecimal:)
8 января, 06:44 Комменитровать
Cody Owen
Why is Blizzard so good at everything
8 января, 03:45 Комменитровать
"fast paced gameplay" r o l e p l a y r p e i c h e n w a l d e 1 8 +
8 января, 01:18 Комменитровать
artifact3 -
Now I realise why characters take so long to add
8 января, 00:54 Комменитровать
Tracer's reload is actually even cooler when you realize that she is using her time powers to reverse back to when they were loaded.
7 января, 22:09 Комменитровать
John Havering
i have watched this video sooo many times now
7 января, 21:07 Комменитровать
i love Dva hand animations, this is so me
7 января, 15:07 Комменитровать
Too much little details that make a game so much better
7 января, 11:59 Комменитровать
Terry Foldy Holes
I think the main reason OW is expressing their characters’ unique personalities so well is that the game itself comes from an scrapped RPG project (Titan). So they’ve certainly drawn a lot of inspirations and techniques of how to make characters believable and relatable from the way it was originally developed as its a lot easier to do these things in a third person RPG.
6 января, 20:30 Комменитровать
“Pharah formally salutes... just like her mom does” IM CRYING THAT’s SO CUTE SKSKJS ((clearly I just noticed this and im S O F T ))
6 января, 08:14 Комменитровать
This Video is awesome <3 So many sneaky things that I didn't notice before. <3
5 января, 18:28 Комменитровать
Fake Owl
Genji fidgets with his thumb tapping on his shuriken
5 января, 06:09 Комменитровать
Bua Backwards
*He Do Not Care*
4 января, 22:05 Комменитровать
This is a really cool concept, however, as a player. I don't want my viewmodels being distracting in play. Conveying character needs to be done through things like voice lines, posture, outside-play things like Blizzard's character shorts.
4 января, 14:35 Комменитровать
Plasma Cyborg
Torbjorn loads his gun with molten lava
3 января, 07:12 Комменитровать
Benjamin Ninh
10:01 he do not care 😂
3 января, 03:08 Комменитровать
Magical Alina
14:00 *albert find samuel* albert* OMG U HAVE FOUND MY SAMUEL
2 января, 06:26 Комменитровать
E d g e
Midway 12:39 is priceless
31 декабря 2017, 18:47 Комменитровать
Junkrat's running animation seems to suggest his left leg is his pegged leg. To sync with Dan's "ta tunk" sound effects the "ta" signals the highest point of the left hand, suggesting that the left leg is swinging forward and the knee rising. The "ta" being the quicker of the two steps and his gun being fairly still during the "tunk", suggesting the right leg is in contact with the ground and propelling him forward, leads me to believe that Junkrat's peg leg is ACTUALLY his left leg and not his right and that all other artists and developers that didn't work on his animations were wrong.
31 декабря 2017, 15:02 Комменитровать
Kevin Guan
I love videos like this thanks for sharing your thoughts
31 декабря 2017, 14:22 Комменитровать
Newfzilla Animation
I friggin' LOVE Junkrat. People may disagree with me HEAVILY about this choice, but I'm glad I mained him.
31 декабря 2017, 09:05 Комменитровать
Is there an anxious, clumsy, cute (like. self conscious puppy) character in overwatch dough. That would a nice change of pace
30 декабря 2017, 07:41 Комменитровать
Ya Boi
I need more, *more* , *more*
29 декабря 2017, 05:35 Комменитровать
jessica tang
Ok but, mei's pinky!!! xD
29 декабря 2017, 04:08 Комменитровать
8:32 When jumping from a high place and looking down, Orisa's legs can show up
29 декабря 2017, 04:06 Комменитровать
6 months later, we're still waiting for the series. Not to sound impatient, critical or rude, but this was a good series. I'm not good at drawing, and I'm definitely no animator, but I still liked the series. I especially like that, while the animation rules are true for television shows, movies and video games, you found video games that demonstrated well all the principles you were teaching. Although these videos sometimes turned lengthy, I look forward to the next entry in the series, especially the mini-series
27 декабря 2017, 17:03 Комменитровать
Lickme Pwease
Who else thought this video was about what it looks like in first person when they do their highlight intro 😂
27 декабря 2017, 09:53 Комменитровать
This video was extremely informative and well made! Well done! Liked and subscribed! :)
27 декабря 2017, 04:32 Комменитровать
i really wanna see more. can you update a new overwatch extra frames video? i miss this series, it's SUCH high quality and i adore it. hope you can make another in the near future.
27 декабря 2017, 00:19 Комменитровать
Michel Yu
3:19 a salt rifle
26 декабря 2017, 15:30 Комменитровать
Jim Street
*This is why I prefer the OW Animated Shorts, to see the characters in third person. If the game had an option (I know it exists on PC with the space bar hold down), I'd be more inclined to buy it.*
26 декабря 2017, 15:10 Комменитровать
idk why but i nearly fell asleep watching this
26 декабря 2017, 09:54 Комменитровать
Error Sans
I think that when reaper drops his guns to reload and pull ones is an idea how he died and brought back to life but still dropping guns and pulling out new ones to realode classic reaper
26 декабря 2017, 04:22 Комменитровать
9:03 that sounds like Soldier more than Reaper
25 декабря 2017, 04:06 Комменитровать
Inky Goat
this just made me understand the overwatch characters so much more! thanks
25 декабря 2017, 03:07 Комменитровать
used a dytto clip. Nice.
24 декабря 2017, 19:22 Комменитровать
Derpy Duck Gaming
Wow, before this video I always thought animators were pretty important but this brought them into a whole new life. Great video, keep up the good work.
23 декабря 2017, 08:39 Комменитровать

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