English ~ How To Learn And Improve Your English

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Добавлено 9 января 2013, 10:53
Kung Fu Maintenance shows how people can use KungFuMaintenance videos and The KFM Blog at to help learn and improve English while learning maintenance skills through the translations and closed captioning available on many videos. How to learn and improve your english while having fun watching youtube videos. Buy The Kung Fu Maintenance E Book Here ~ TFW ~,,~ KFM ~ 00:10 Welcome to the Kung Fu Maintenance dashboard! 00:12 Today I'm going to be showing you well, one-way 00:16 you might improve your English if your learning 00:20 reading, writing, understanding 00:21 improving 00:23 pronunciation, dialogue, all those types of things 00:25 what i have here is using the closed captions feature inside 00:29 youtube 00:30 I haven't done it to all my videos 00:32 I've made a start here in doing this 00:35 and in translating 00:36 I'll maximize it 00:40 what it does down at the bottom is it has got these captions 00:44 as long as you select that. 00:46 Now let me show you how to do that. Down at the very bottom 00:50 click on this little "cc" button right here 00:54 and that turns on the captions 00:56 and now you click on the captions button 00:59 and you can bring up your language so let us say spanish, russian, portuguese 01:04 japanese, italian, german, french, 01:07 chinese, arabic 01:08 I'd like to add more languages little by little. If you don't see your 01:12 language here please just put a comment on this video requesting 01:15 your language and 01:17 I'll consider adding it if it's possible for me to do it. Also little by little I 01:21 may need help with translations so 01:24 if you're interested in 01:25 translating or proofing translations you can also put a 01:28 message on here. I am going to be doing a lot of videos and transffering them over 01:32 also sometimes the translations may not be that good 01:36 so let us 01:37 see on this one today I wanted to go over the five most common problems with washing machines 01:41 converted it to spanish 01:43 and it says it in spanish. Now i'm not sure how accurate that is 01:47 you'll have to tell me 01:50 I poquitho(Spanish for tiny) know only a tiny 01:51 bit of Spanish 01:54 not enough to translate this but i am trying to learn, I like to learn 01:58 different languages it's just kind of something I have been studying 02:00 anyway 02:01 anyway here it is in Arabic and 02:05 here it is in Chinese 02:07 so anyway you if you wanted to improve your 02:09 English 02:10 this would be one way 02:12 you can have the subtitles in your own language and than 02:17 watch the video 02:18 and you will get to kind of learn 02:20 two things, well a few things. You will get to learn how to fix stuff as well as 02:26 learn a different language so hopefully that is helpful to you


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