iOS 11 running on the iPhone 7 Plus

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In this video, I will cover the top iOS 11 Features for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, the Plus models, as well as most other iphones. These tips and features were added with iOS 11 and expand the functionality of your iPhone in cool ways. Let's dive in and find out. Official iOS 11 release date is September 19th. - FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow me on twitter : Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on facebook: Follow me on Google+ My Website:


Apple u make life better instead of adding 1 billion features that one out of five people use in the world like android and by the way everyone that has a opinion you don’t need to say how Apple copy some because we all know they do but it doesn’t matter who cares iPhone users will love the new features and a matter what you tell them they won’t care for quit saying who copy. him shut up kids
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Manny Rios
Thank you for those tips!!
18 сентября 2017, 03:30 Комменитровать
Mark Navarro
Instant screen shot share and edit came from Samsungs note line... I am on iOS now I have the 7 plus. Glad to see this feature on iOS but it is copied. Iphone needs a stylus it's a amazing tool that I have used myself on my past note 7 and 5
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Faisal gaming,tutorial and more
These all future apple copy from Samsung. Such as screen recorder, taking screen shot. Battery optimization, and when you take a screen shot it also tell you to edit this. These all future fucking apple copy from Samsung. I hope you guys are understand! Last year when I bought iphone 7. Apple give me nothing. Then I refund my ishit 7. Them I back switch to Google pixel. Now this year I finally switch to my favorite Samsung galaxy note 8.which has a lot of also give me gear vr and wireless charging for free Now I am buying 400GB micro sd card for him.
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The new Siri sounds like bixby.
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Ashwin kannan
Please unbox the iphone x as soon as possible
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dahm androidboi
A company called Samsung did it many years ago😂😂😂
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Raveen Bikha
Forgot also new feature a new video format that will be the standard (don't how it's called) but it's reduce the overall storage of a video by 50% without quality loss
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neveen jo
sakiteck make a comparison the note8 vs iPhone x
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Adnan Avcı
0:59 as bayrakları as as 🇹🇷🇹🇷
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Preben Richter
Great video. Really appreciate it. Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻
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pokemo oon
and yestarday i buy iphone 7plus ..they give me ios 10.3.3 and no new update aviable :(
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Jekrispard Dichos
You forgot the Siri translator
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Ali Hejazi
No split screen yet No scroll shot Shame you can't use this powerful device for proper tasking Scroll shot and split screen are deal breaker for me
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43.6k emails.....damn
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Dom Dean
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Moyen Uddin
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Deep Impact
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Jason Rodriguez
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