How to remove paint and varnish from wood

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Добавлено 27 апреля 2011, 12:55
If the paint is peeling off your wood and you want to repaint or if you want to get a natural wood finish again then watch this short video. It will show you how to easily remove old paint of varnish to get back to the wood.


Cheryl Tomlinson
13 февраля, 15:59 Комменитровать
Brassfield Zendejas
Make it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.
6 февраля, 16:21 Комменитровать
Patterson Lundquist
Laughed out loud when the door changed! What a joke.
18 января, 10:38 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
This time I will use woodprix instructions to make it easy with my own hands.
11 января, 17:53 Комменитровать
Bollocks that's a new door
11 декабря 2017, 01:38 Комменитровать
Craig Nevermind
You've even used two different doors at the end! First one has a geet crack down the panel and three knots across it, the second one is a totally different door. Two unpainted, new doors!? Three door video
6 декабря 2017, 19:38 Комменитровать
Craig Nevermind
You'd have to strip it, use a hot gun, strip more, then sand the bollocks off it. And you still probably wouldn't get it looking like that. I've just spent all friggin day, stripping a door frame
6 декабря 2017, 19:32 Комменитровать
Craig Nevermind
Fuck off that's not the same door
6 декабря 2017, 19:29 Комменитровать
OK I kinda understand why they would replace the door instaed of stripping it for the video but why yet another door for painting!. The knots are all different! That's 3 different doors!!
23 ноября 2017, 16:43 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.
18 ноября 2017, 18:46 Комменитровать
Cravens Boughner
You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix.
11 ноября 2017, 22:21 Комменитровать
Talent X
Ok... 4 hours per application. And stripping will take an hour or more. Wow.... im never going for it. This is just advertisement purpose.
2 октября 2017, 13:13 Комменитровать
Hammond Miers
I made it, learned on WoodPriX website. great solutions I think.
23 августа 2017, 00:39 Комменитровать
Graham Wright
" Leave it to dry, then your ready to decorate " you don't need to sand it or get all the shitty little annoying bits of paint off as it's a new door....... Fucking idiot
21 августа 2017, 06:51 Комменитровать
hem iraapn
Why not just use a soda blaster?
30 июля 2017, 02:31 Комменитровать
TE Groghan
Will this work on primer under the wood?
22 июля 2017, 05:29 Комменитровать
You guys are so full of shit the door changes 3 times in 10 seconds. 1:36 the door is covered in thick stubborn paint. 1:40 the door has a distinctive dark line on the left panel. 1:45 the door no longer had the dark line and is a completely different door. How fake can you make this
13 июля 2017, 22:39 Комменитровать
Freda Apinko
can i use paint striper on Gyprock because old paint on house don't think they done it right. possible for me to strip of gyprook ?
19 мая 2017, 06:44 Комменитровать
Last Like
bad poicell
17 мая 2017, 20:13 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
If you want you can learn from Woodprix woodworking plans how to make it yourself.
4 мая 2017, 16:03 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
so i made it too . just by using Woodprix woodworking plans :)
4 апреля 2017, 05:13 Комменитровать
Romaine Athey
im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.
9 марта 2017, 19:20 Комменитровать
Robert Ely
I was just about to say that's a brand new bloody door, stripping gloss off doors is a waste of money and time the total cost is equal to replacing the door, saving yourself days of labour and far better finish when startig fresh, what a load of crap
7 марта 2017, 19:20 Комменитровать
Romana Angersbach
I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you'd like do the same
21 января 2017, 13:56 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .
15 января 2017, 01:21 Комменитровать
Cravens Boughner
I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.
11 января 2017, 16:23 Комменитровать
Romelia Polly
You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.
1 декабря 2016, 13:01 Комменитровать
rufus williams
pull the other one lol thats a new door u twat
2 ноября 2016, 00:28 Комменитровать
Kristie Legge
There's no reason to do this inside the house. Remove the door by tapping out the metal hinge pin from the door hinge. Take the door outside so your house doesn't get covered in dust or smells. And most importantly to protect your lungs.
20 сентября 2016, 20:30 Комменитровать
Dean T
Lol this is just laughable.
9 июля 2016, 20:55 Комменитровать
What a Palava, I got to sand the door, then buy the stipper at £6 per 500ml do all the labour, and wipe with damp rag sweep up. When a new door is £25? No brainer.
5 июля 2016, 17:17 Комменитровать
Stacie Shannon
lol, no one was fooled by the new door.
6 июня 2016, 05:18 Комменитровать
R.E. Robinson
I'm convinced that's a new unpainted wooden door, not the original door with the white paint removed. Something about the unpainted door screams "brand freakin new"....Just saying! It would have been nice to see how the door transitioned...that's if that was indeed the same door. : \
22 мая 2016, 05:46 Комменитровать
Michael Sherrill
No way did not do all that work with the door still on the hinges. You would have gotten stripper on the door jams. I hate fake videos. Just because you have that "tv British accent" doesn't make you legit. I won't be buying this product.
26 марта 2016, 22:22 Комменитровать
Karl donnitz
yes lets simply install a new door and con everyone watching.
22 января 2016, 11:25 Комменитровать
jimmie frost
fake ass shit ! they should start punching people in the face they lie.
8 января 2016, 02:38 Комменитровать
Johnny Brown
What about stripping knotty pine?
19 декабря 2015, 23:05 Комменитровать
hahaha new door.
11 октября 2015, 19:13 Комменитровать
diver dave
? no respirator ... this man's a FOOL
15 сентября 2015, 02:09 Комменитровать
Love Peace and Bacon Grease
well, you have made a believer out of sir are a lair and the product you use more than likely sucks as well. After watching you try and pass off a new door as the old door, I will never buy this stripper.
12 августа 2015, 02:18 Комменитровать
David Devine
Bullshit!! Look at that new door!!
27 февраля 2015, 05:06 Комменитровать
miranda rodriguez
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help. I have a wooden vanity and on it along with my other stuff I have one of those fancy decorated boxes that looks like a book, but is empty on the inside and holds things. Its a box you might use to hold your T.V. remotes.. Anyways, it is stuck tight to my vanity! I did not glue it, but I used to set drinks on top of it, and when the ice in the drink melted, the condensation would run down the sides. I set kool-aid on top of the box a couple of times on accident, and my theory is that the sticky sugary liquid dripped down to the sides and stuck the box tight to my wooden vanity. It is seriously stuck, any ideas on how to remove it without damaging the paint on my vanity too bad? 
17 января 2015, 09:55 Комменитровать
Jenny M
Thank your vid to let me know there's something called "paint remover". I went to the store at my place and bought one can of paint remover (liquid) and it cost me only $1. I applied this liquid on my old door and waited about 10 seconds and removed the old layer of paint. Woo, it really worked ~ 
26 декабря 2014, 12:56 Комменитровать
Green side Camper
Your video is fake does it say on the tin you need to buy a new door...? Because you clearly have.
26 октября 2014, 17:22 Комменитровать
Lord Xelous
Clearly - Step 4 - Should be "buy a new door and hang it before continuing your video"....
8 октября 2014, 14:19 Комменитровать
Leon NCH
Who are you fooling?That's not the same door...:)
5 октября 2014, 16:06 Комменитровать
biggest waste of money ever - tried stripping a door frame with 3 layers of paint on, applied exactly as the video says but im still here 6 hours later trying to finish it. I would not buy any Polycell products again. - p.s. Pollycell - why don't you answer the critisim regarding your products on here?????  0/10
4 августа 2014, 18:26 Комменитровать
Guilio McEwan's Space
Is that really the after effect as the stripped door is so clean. Looks bran new.
18 апреля 2014, 21:38 Комменитровать
with that much trouble you should just buy a new like he did
11 апреля 2014, 15:55 Комменитровать
ha ha, it'd never come up that clean....bullshit !!!!
24 февраля 2014, 15:13 Комменитровать
Alexis Kasperavičius
The door @1:39 is blatantly a new, never-painted door—not a chemically stripped previously-painted door. It's disingenuous for a manufacturer to so obviously mis-represent their product. It's simply not what a chemically stripped door looks like. You've now convinced me to never purchase or use Polycell products. Good job.
23 ноября 2013, 12:51 Комменитровать
Wow.... gloves, safety glasses... and no helmet? Come on, you might breath noxious fumes and fall down.
10 октября 2013, 05:08 Комменитровать
My advise is to paint over it .. Takes ages or get the pros in
4 августа 2013, 12:47 Комменитровать
zack c
@1:39. Hmmm.. Are we supposed to believe that isn't a brand new unvarnished door? Reeaaalllyy!?!?
15 июня 2013, 04:47 Комменитровать
Just sand it. It will come off. Really people its wood the best to remove it is to sand it off
11 мая 2013, 00:32 Комменитровать
Warm air pistol is the best way and then a nice sanding with No150 or 180 depend!!!
22 марта 2013, 00:39 Комменитровать
Gen Me
start with heat gun then strip with nitromorse and coarse wire wool
11 января 2013, 21:10 Комменитровать
I'd like to remove paint off the walls in my bathroom. Would this technic still work on walls?
16 июня 2012, 18:42 Комменитровать
Haha, and its that easy Isn't it? I'm renovating my staircase and I've been at it for three weeks now and I've only just reached the upstairs. The only way to do it is to buy a rough wheel for your drill and blast the paint off and scrape off what you cant reach. Nitromors, this Polycell stuff, they simply dont work.
20 апреля 2012, 05:56 Комменитровать
step 5 get the sandpaper and start the paintstripping
5 апреля 2012, 20:34 Комменитровать
@beckigreen Hi Becki, I am afraid it is not available in the US, only in the UK. I am sure there are some other great paint strippers available for you there though.
27 января 2012, 15:37 Комменитровать
Becki Green
Is this product for sell in the states?
14 января 2012, 09:37 Комменитровать
Sorry for the delay! Our paint strippers would have been suitable for your beams. Using a metal scrapper would also work, but then you may damage the wood underneath.
17 октября 2011, 13:16 Комменитровать
@ToaRanen7 - try using a scraper with a blade or a hand/electric wood planer...
13 октября 2011, 18:04 Комменитровать
steve kelly
@ToaRanen7 try making yourself go away?
24 сентября 2011, 03:59 Комменитровать
I'm trying to remove some of the varnish, and paint off of some beams. The beams are brown, and glossy, and smooth, and have a white layer underneath. I've been sanding it off with a sander to get down to the basic wood, but it's an agonizingly slow process, and takes a lot of effort. Would this work for striping off the finish on the beams?
14 июля 2011, 09:57 Комменитровать

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