Logging with Node.js - Backend Meetup 03/2017 - 2/2

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Добавлено 7 апреля 2017, 12:51
We turned to two of our favorite topics — Amazon’s AWS Lambda and Node.js logging — at last week’s Dev Meetups in Prague and Brno. And as always, our speakers killed it! Robert gave our Brno and Prague audiences a crash course in how logging can help developers troubleshoot issues and spot problem. It may not be very sexy, Robert conceded, but “it's very important to do it right, otherwise you may end up having no insight into what your backend is up to or why a particular bug keeps occurring.” And really, who wants to deal with that headache? “Devs should be interested in logging because without logging (or with bad logging) you end up with either too little information to identify and solve a problem or with so much log data that it's impossible to get anything useful out of them,” Robert said. “Ultimately, you stop paying attention to these things, losing your grip on your backend's performance and/or stability.” Full article at Slides at STRV is a top-tier, one-stop mobile app development shop working with leading startups from top US accelerators. Since 2004, we have developed more than 200 mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as frontend and backend solutions. With more than 130 rock star developers on our team, STRV is the preferred partner of dozens of top US startups which benefit from our high-quality code, sleek designs and super-fast turnaround. STRV is turning ideas into cutting-edge products users love. And we're hiring - Follow our: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Dribbble - Contact us at [email protected]


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